Refund/Cancellation Policy

Refund policy

Refunds will be handled according to Our store's policies. Please contact for a copy of Our store's policies in writing. Below contains most, but not all policies.

REFUND & EXCHANGE POLICY: A refund or exchange may be requested at any time prior to your receipt of merchandise. Your refund will include taxes paid and the cost of any additional protection or warranty programs purchased. After your receipt of merchandise, Shay Furniture Co, LLC reserves the right to refuse returns, exchanges and refunds at the discretion of the acting Store Manager. Should a refund request be refused, the returning party may submit a written appeal request within seven (7) business days to be reviewed by the majority owner of Shay Furniture Co, LLC. The requesting party shall be notified of the final decision within seven (7) business days once the request is received. Except where prohibited by law, a 20% restocking fee may be charged on returned merchandise or cancelled orders. Refunds may only be made if merchandise is in “as-new” condition, meaning there is no wear and tear to the product whatsoever. “As-Is” and “One Only” items are not refundable or exchangeable. Mattresses and box springs must have law tags attached, be in their original, sealed factory wrapping, and be in sanitary condition, clean and free of tears, burns and stains of any kind to be eligible for return, except where prohibited by law. Refunds will be in the same form your original payment and issued only to the individual(s) listed in the invoice, except for cash. If your original payment was a cash payment AND your refund exceeds $150, a refund check will be issued by Shay Furniture Co, LLC within 10 business days and will be mailed to you by the store.

 GUARANTEE OF FABRICS: Since manufacturers of upholstered fabrics do not guarantee their merchandise from shrinkage, color fastness, or quality wearing, we are unable to consider adjustments, claims or credits for fabric merchandise. If you have purchased optional fabric protection, please refer to your optional fabric protection warranty for claim information.

COMMERCIAL SALES: The use of merchandise other than for household purposes voids all warranties.

MERCHANDISE PICKED UP BY CUSTOMER: Stores do not have the ability to hold merchandise past the scheduled date of pickup. If you are unable to pick up merchandise on your scheduled date, please notify the store immediately. Except where prohibited by law, there will be a 15% restocking fee on merchandise that has been returned to stock. At the time of pick up, inspect your merchandise for any visible signs of defect prior to departing the store. It is your responsibility to properly secure and tie down merchandise to your vehicle. Shay Furniture Co, LLC associates may assist in loading merchandise but reserves the right to refuse loading merchandise which may result in injuries or property damage. Shay Furniture Co, LLC will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused to customer merchandise and/or any vehicles during the loading or transportation of your merchandise. It will be your responsibility to return any merchandise to store for warranty service or any other service. WARRANTY: Under conditions of normal usage Shay Furniture Co, LLC will conduct repairs on any defect in workmanship deemed reasonable by the acting store manager for a reasonable fee, so long as the merchandise carries a valid warranty by manufacturer or by Shay Furniture Co, LLC. Shay Furniture Co, LLC will not perform work or repair any furniture which may cause a hazard to our employees or our property. Warranty does not apply to furniture that has been heavily soiled, stained, intentionally misused, altered, improperly cleaned, infested, damaged in transit, or otherwise damaged in a way that is not the result of defect in the workmanship of the product. If the item cannot be repaired to factory specifications, the item will be replaced with the same or comparable merchandise. If the same item is not available, Shay Furniture Co, LLC may issue a pro-rated IN STORE CREDIT towards new merchandise. Transportation to or from is the customers responsibility, fees may be charged to customer if Shay Furniture Co, LLC provides transportation of warranted product. 

“AS-IS” items carry no warranty and sale is final except where prohibited by law. For warranty claims on mattresses, box springs, or additional protection or warranty programs, refer to that warranty for service information. Refer to Manufacturer’s Warranty brochure for more information.